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Monday, January 24, 2011

Download White Paper: 2011 Consumer Insights and Trends: Packaged Facts Forecasts the Product and Social Trends That Will Make Their Mark in 2011

The ball dropping in Times Square, resolutions, diets . . . all these are familiar signifiers of a new year. So, too, are prediction lists: what’s going to be hot, what’s not.

We at Packaged Facts have some experience gazing into a crystal ball and divining trends for the consumer marketplace (publishing market research studies on consumer goods and services for more than 50 years can come in handy . . .).

This month we gathered our market experts and asked them for their predictions regarding the product and social trends that will make their mark in 2011. Download our free whitepaper to hear Packaged Facts' analysts insights and predictions on:

    * Retailing Trends
    * Pet Market
    * Apparel Industry
    * Consumer Hobbies
    * Personal Care Products
    * The Use of Social Media
    * Food and Beverage Market
    * Baby Boomer Attitude and Behavior Shifts


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