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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

An Excerpt from The Hispanic (Latino) Market in the U.S.A.: Generational View

Household and Family Income Profile More Favorable

Although lagging in per capita income, the larger-than-average size of Hispanic households and families results in a more favorable profile of household and family income. While the per capita income of Hispanics is lower than that of African Americans, Latinos enjoy higher median household and family incomes than blacks. Although non-Hispanic whites have a per capita income that is twice that of Hispanics, their median household income is only 35% higher. [Table 5-10]

There also are fewer disparities in household and family incomes across national segments. For example, the per capita income of Mexicans is 87% of that of the average Hispanic, but the median income of Mexican households is 95% of the average. [Table 5-11]

Marriage Patterns and Family Structure

Mexican families are larger than the average Hispanic family (4.05 vs. 3.85 people). Mexicans are more likely to be married (50% vs. 48%) and are less likely to be divorced or separated (8% vs. 12%).

Education and Employment

The educational attainment of Mexicans is lower than the average for Hispanics. Only 8% have a bachelor’s degree or more, compared to 12% of Hispanics as a whole. Only 14% are employed in management and professional jobs, compared to 17% of Latinos as a whole.

Economic Profile

Per capita income of Mexicans is lower than average ($13,529 vs. $15,190). Mean earnings of full-time, year-round workers also are lower than average. However, Mexicans account for 57% of all Hispanic buying power. [Table 7-2]


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