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Friday, January 11, 2013

For U.S. Food Marketers, Sabor Is Essential

Advertising budgets are sometimes the quickest cuts during economic recession, but advertisers can't long ignore the nation’s fastest-growing demographic groups.   By 2009, for example, Kellogg had gone from supporting nine of its brands with Hispanic-targeted advertising to supporting just one.  But Kellogg and other companies have quickly redirected.  Kellogg indicated to Wall Street analysts that it has reversed course and is now increasing its Hispanic-oriented advertising investment, as seen in recent commercials for Frosted Mini Wheats, Eggo and Fiber One. 

Food retailers have also catered to the country’s demographic shifts,  with chains such as Pathmark and Schnucks redesigning stores, bolstering product lineups,  and adding bilingual staff. 

And food manufacturers continue to innovate to attract both the growing Hispanic population as well as mainstream consumers who have become more adventurous with the Hispanic cuisine they eat.

New products have been launched by companies such as McCormick (Hispanic rice mixes), PepsiCo (Dole Sensation’s Aguas Frescas line), Campbell Soup (V8 Original with a Hint of Lime) and General Mills (Dulce de Leche Cheerios). 

Traditional Hispanic food manufacturers have also expanded their product lines.  Companies have hawked Jalapeno and Chipotle flavored baked beans (Goya), taco salad trays (Ole Mexican Foods), fresh tortillas in paper wrapping (Guerrero Tradicionales from Gruma Corp.), and Mini Tacos (for Ruiz’s El Monterey Mexican Snack bag line).

All this activity has created a dynamic atmosphere for Hispanic food and beverages and points to healthy, and flavorful, market growth for years to come.

Tortillas already outsell many American staples, including as spaghetti/macaroni/pasta, hamburgers and hot dog buns, all other fresh rolls/buns/croissants, and bagels/bialys. Salsa, for its part, has almost twice the dollar sales of ketchup and more than twice the sales of mustard. 

The Hispanic food and beverage market--defined in terms of traditionally Mexican or Hispanic-style product categories such tortillas or taco kits or Mexican-style sauces and salsas--is expected to embark on a more aggressive growth pattern over the upcoming five-year period. Packaged Facts projects that sales of Hispanic foods and beverages will approach $10.7 billion in 2017, up 31% from present levels.
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